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    • Do not share the password with anyone not registered on this website. Do not post it anywhere or give hints as to what it is.
    • The Island - Herbivore Island (bottom right of map) is a ‘no build zone’ as it’s used for events set up by the server admin
    • The Center - The entire South Tropical island is a ‘no build zone’ as it’s used for events set up by the server admin.
    • Ragnarok - The castle at 21/40, the flat area in front of the bridge and the higher ground to the left is a ‘no build zone as it is used for events
    • No building on resource spawns (metal etc), blocking one node is too much
    • No land grabbing (pillar/foundation spam etc).
    • No blocking access to relics
    • Remove all disused structures, taming pens etc. Repeat offenders will have all their structures removed
    • Pegomastax are to be left at your base during events. If brought along they will be shot on sight.
    • Only one base location and one water pen base per tribe on Ragnarok. Only one base on Aberration (no need for a water pen obviously). Additional bases are not allowed unless specifically agreed with the admin. Any additional unauthorised bases will be removed with no warning, this includes small huts and outposts
    • Don't build within render distance of another tribes base. If you're unsure, ask the other tribe if it's okay. Offending/reported structures will be removed without warning.
    • Brontos are allowed but we reserve the right to wipe them if they cause excessive lag when harvesting (so expect to lose them with no notice, maybe don’t even bother with them to save you the heartache).
    • No covering over oil veins and gas collectors with structures unless they’re within an active base. You can place pumps but share the oil/gas with all, keep them unlocked. We'll destroy any covered or locked viens.
    • If your base is on a spawn point, you must create a way for people to get out who spawn there.
    • Constant trolling won’t be tolerated. Mutual fun is fine but don’t troll people or do things to spite other players.
    • If the claim or demolish timers on another tribe has ended you are allowed to claim and demolish them. That's why the timers are there. The timers are long so if something times out claim or remove it to keep the server clean and reduce lag.
    Stealing is against the rules but do lock yourself and your stuff away, if it’s accessible then people might steal it. We can’t protect your open boxes so take responsibility for your own characters and resources. Pin lock your chests and keep everything else inside your base with your doors closed if you don’t want it stolen. Anyone caught stealing will be banned and wiped, no chances.

    Players with the default name of Human, Bob, Joe, Jane and Anne are viable kills for every tribe regardless of yours or their prefix (see below). There is no punishment for killing a player by these names, bring the Admin their specimen implants and you might get a reward. If they’re in a tribe do not attack the whole tribe, only the player and mount they may be on is fair game. Reward will be given once player has changed their name or rage quit the server. We do not want random unconscious player implants.


    Between 8pm and 10pm everyday the server will automatically switch to PVP and all related settings will be activated. This isn’t so everyone can attack each other, it’s so we can run a wider variety of events and have some mutual fun. Remember, this is a PVE server with friendly mutal PVP only.

    The following additional rules apply:
    • No randomly dropping dinos into people’s bases or grabbing their small tames. Only permitted when you’re actually participating in mutal PVP with that tribe
    • No picking players or tamed dinos outside of PVP unless agreed with them it's okay. During PVP picking tamed dinos and players is considered an act of PVP, so follow the prefix rules below
    • Be aware of automated base defenses, auto turrets and Plant Species X. If you fly too close to a base and are killed by one of these, you are not allowed to break any of these PVP rules “as revenge”. It’s your own fault for getting too close. This goes for aggressive dinos in someones base as well, this is allowed.
    Just because it’s PVP during this time doesn’t mean you have to PVP. Play nice and don’t pick fights.

    Tribe wars are enabled during PVE and tribes are welcome to declare war on each other at any time. Both sides have to agree to the war before it starts via the menu options when you hold Y or another tribes player.


    When setting up a tribe on the server you must choose one of the following prefixes and use it at the start of your tribe name, for example “[P] The Authority”.

    Prefixes cannot be changed during PVP hours and the admin reserves the right to change a tribes prefix at any time, for any reason.

    Any tribe without a prefix is considered to be a [P] tribe.

    [P] = Passive

    These tribes only want to play PVE and do not want anything to do with PVP outside of organised events:
    • They do not attack any other players or tribes for any reason
    • They cannot be attacked by any other players or tribes for any reason (regardless of prefix)
    • If they have an issue they report it to the server/admin who will take action on their behalf.
    [A] = Aggressive

    These tribes enjoy PVP and are prepared to be attacked by other [A] players or tribes. You're agreeing to be open to PVP with any other [A] tribes on the server during PVP time. The admin will not step in to sort out any problems.
    • They play PVP style
    • They cannot attack [P] players or tribes for any reason
    • They can attack [A] tribes for any reason
    • They can only be attacked by other [A] players or tribes
    • If attacked the admin will not get involved
    • All tames of an [A] tribe are viable kills, even passive tames
    • Donation dinos are exempt from all PVP and must never be used for PVP in anyway.
    When turning A to be able to attack someone you need to remain A for at least an extra day to allow for retaliation (so if you attack on a Tuesday, you must also remain A on Wednesday as well). The admin reserves the right to extend the A status however long they deem fair.

    NOTE: We reserve the right to change any of our rules, at any time and for any reason. We'll always announce any changes on our Twitter, so make sure you're following.
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