Aberration Cluster 12 December
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    Aberration Cluster 12 December

    by RaMarcus » 10 Dec 2017, 14:26

    I'm sure the world and their wives know by now that Aberration is due to be released on Tuesday 12 December, at 8pm GMT (ish).

    We'll be adding an Aberration server to as a cluster to our current Ragnarock server, here are the details:

    • Same settings as Ragnarock (with the exception of no PVP time)
    • Same password as Ragnarock
    • Same rules as Ragnarock (without the PVP rules as there is no PVP)
    • You'll need to create a new survivor on Aberation
    • Item and dino transfers from Aberration to Ragnarock only (transfers are linked to account and not survivor)
    • If you search UK in the server list it will be the same name as our Ragnarock server but pre-fixed with Aberration
    • You must use the same survivor name on both servers
    • You do not have to be in the same tribe
    • Our Ragnarock map will remain unchanged, except for allowing transfers from Aberration
    • New donation dinos and supply crates will not be spawned on Aberration (for now)
    • Events will be focused on the Ragnarock server. As it stands at the moment, if they do happen on Aberration they will be rare.
    • Currently a 50 slot server (may extend or reduce depending on demand)
    • Currently paid up until 1 March 2018
    After testing the cluster server I couldn't get survivor transfers to work reliably, sometimes it would work and sometimes it would lose the survivor. I think we can all agree it would be a massive ball ache if you were to lose your character. So to play it safe there will be no survivor transfers. This does mean more work but I think it's a good thing, you'll get to experience the new map and creatures from the start up, which I know many will appreciate.

    We'll likely enable item and dino transfers both ways at a future time, but for now we'll leave it one way and you'll have to survive.

    I would prefer to not split the community, hence why events will still be focused on Ragnarock, but appreciate people want to enjoy the new content. If the costs are covered, then we'll maintain both servers, however the Ragnarock server will be the priority, so if funds cannot be raised to cover both, the Aberration server will be the first to be scaled back or removed. So keep this in mind when building on Aberration, what you build there may be lost on 1 March 2018 if we cannot extend the server run time.

    Just to confirm, donation dinos do not get respawned on Aberration if you've already had them on Ragnarock. They only get respawned if we're forced to wipe a server and they're lost that way. However we won't be spawning any new donation dinos or supply crates on there for a while as well.

    The server is already set up and linked, and once the update is deployed we'll switch it over to the Aberration map.

    It'll hopefully be a fun few weeks with this and Christmas around the corner, and I'll be interested to see how to it pans out.

    Let me know in here if you have any questions, and I'll update this first post with any relevant answers.
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    Re: Aberration Cluster 12 December

    by dawsy 08 » 10 Dec 2017, 14:43

    Good Good, can’t wait.
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    Re: Aberration Cluster 12 December

    by BondeGavel » 10 Dec 2017, 20:37

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    Re: Aberration Cluster 12 December

    by TUB8Y LOVE » 11 Dec 2017, 18:08

    So excited dude thanks for all the work you put in

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