Fishing Event
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    Fishing Event

    by RaMarcus » 16 Dec 2017, 17:40

    • Fishing Arena is north of the Ragnarok castle, on the beach. GPS Cords 15/39.
    • Open to all server users, no tribe limit
    • Bait and rods provided, only use these during the event
    • Between the allotted time, catch as many fish as you can
    • Only fish caught in the fishing arena count
    • Only fish caught between the alloted time count
    • Three prizes are available
    • Highest level wins a supply drop prize
    • Highest quality wins a supply drop prize
    • Largest fish wins a supply drop prize
    • Send screenshots of your fish to the UKARKSERVER gamertag
    • All screenshots must be received within 30mins of the event ending
    • You do not have to stay for the full duration. Catch one fish and leave if you prefer, stay and catch as many as you like.
    We reserve the right to knock people out and check they're following the rules, check bait and rods. If you want to use you're own rods/bait, you can do so after the event and more fish can be spawned for you. Only event fishing during the actual event.

    Anyone caught breaking the event rules will be banned from All future events and may be banned from the server.

    We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, and for any reason. Play fair and they'll be no issues.
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    Re: Fishing Event

    by McNae » 28 Dec 2017, 21:32

    Were there results posted somewhere for this event?

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